The history of Diplomático began in Venezuela in 1959, with the establishment of the distillery where all of its rums are produced. At that time Licorerías Unidas S.A (LUSA) owned the distillery and the main shareholder was Seagram’s International, which was one of the biggest wine ans spirits companies in the world.

In 2002 LUSA was put up for sale, including assets such as the distillery and a premium rum brand called Diplomático. Initially, it was exclusively sold in its local market. A group of Venezuelan entrepreneurs, most of them with extensive experience in the spirits industry, believed in the potential of this company. They decided to take their chance and made an offer to acquire it. That same year LUSA became 100% Venezuelan and privately owned, and adopted its current name: Destilerías Unidas S. A. (DUSA). The company is one of the largest rum producers in Venezuela.

Today Diplomático is distributed in over 80 countries. It holds the “Ron de Venezuela” DOC (Protected Denomination of Origin) and is recognized as one of the finest rums in the world.



Diplomático rums are carefully crafted from premium sugar cane and use a rich variety of distillation methods. This is combined with the Maestro Ronero’s expertise and excellence in the art of blending, to produce the finest rums.


DUSA provides sustainable jobs for nearly 700 workers in Venezuela. Our people are our wealth and we put our greatest effort into building enduring relationships with our employees, their families and the community nearby through social and health care programs.


Protecting the environment is one of the company’s core values. In 2009, DUSA received the ISO 14001 certification for environmental awareness. One of the main achievements was the creation of an ecological treatment process, which transforms residual water into a sugar cane organic fertiliser. The distillery has also developed the capacity to recycle 100% of its solid waste. Other notable corporate initiatives include beach cleaning and tree planting.


DUSA’s distillery lies at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Venezuela. Its location was carefully selected to be in close proximity to the main sugar processing plants in the area and the nearby Terepaima National Park, which provides the purest of waters for the rums’ production.

Weather was also a determining element in the selection of the distillery’s location. It plays a key role in sugar cane production, fermentation and rum ageing.

Thanks to the ideal conditions mentioned above, premium ingredients, and the utmost care put into the production process, Diplomático rums have received multiple awards. The distillery’s unique production process was recognized with a “Rum Barrel Award” (London Rum Fest – UK) in 2013 for the World’s Best Rum Distillery.


Don Juancho Nieto Melendez is the character that inspired the creation of Diplomático. His portrait is illustrated on the label of the brand’s products.

According to stories told by people from the region where the distillery is located, he lived nearby at the end of the 19th century. He had a burning passion for exploring the sources and processes responsible for the many alluring flavours of traditional beverages, particularly rum. He was also very curious about the subtle complexities of the many environmental factors that affect the rum-making process, such as the weather and humidity of the tropics.

Don Juancho sampled an exhaustive array of exotic liquors and rums from his frequent travels in the Caribbean. His impressive collection of beverages became quite famous among his friends, and was known as “The Ambassador’s Reserves,” a clear reference to its owner’s class and good nature.

His dedication, savoir-faire, chivalry and authentic personality inspired the creation of Diplomático; a unique rum combining an unmistakable character with irresistible and subtle aromas.

Diplomático rum is the essence and soul of the man on its label.


Botucal is the alternative brand name used for Diplomático rums in countries where the brand was already registered.

Botucal owes its name to the Hacienda (farm) that is part of DUSA, which is dedicated to the agricultural sector. In addition to raising buffalos and horses, Botucal grows part of the sugar cane used in the production of Diplomático rums. The farm benefits from the company’s green efforts towards minimizing environmental impact.

The name Botucal comes from the local indigenous word “Botuka” which means “Green Hill”, as a reference to the hill located in front of the distillery that is part of the Terepaima National Park.