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Aging Rum Barrels: Where the Best Rum Rests
18 October, 2021:

Is a well-rested rum really worth the years of aging it takes to make? This […]

Where is the Dark and Stormy Drink From?
10 October, 2021:

The classic Dark and Stormy boasts a rich history rooted in seafaring and camaraderie. Stay […]

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International Coffee Day
27 September, 2021:

We know that many would argue everyday is, indeed, a day for coffee. But 1 […]

Diplomático RumCraftmanship
What is the World’s Best Cocoa? Couple it with Rum this Chocolate Day
9 September, 2021:

From cacao to cocoa, we’ve listed all of the top varieties to be paired with […]

Diplomático Rum
When is International Rum Day?
6 August, 2021:

August 16th: A day just for rum, and everything it represents. This year International Rum […]

The Most Famous Summer Cocktails Recipes
16 July, 2021:

Summertime… and the living is easy! Everyone’s favorite season is in full swing, where (hopefully) […]

International Mojito Day
Mojito Recipe, Ingredients and Mixes
7 July, 2021:

Sunday 11 July marks World Mojito Day, and you can bet we plan to celebrate […]

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Sustainable Gastronomy Day
17 June, 2021:

World sustainable gastronomy day is already here, and this begs a very important question: what […]

Diplomático Rum
Guide on How to Taste Rum
31 May, 2021:

Rum, like wine, holds history in every sip. The secrets of each blend are available […]