CocktailsDiplomático RumCraftmanship
Rum Cake, the Perfect Dessert for This Season
13 January, 2022:

Are you familiar with the age old saying ‘have your rum, and eat it too’? […]

CocktailsDiplomático RumCraftmanship
Thanksgiving Day: History, Facts & Ideas to Enjoy It
18 November, 2021:

To the rest of the world November 25th is to be just another Thursday, but […]

Diplomático RumCraftmanship
Aging Rum Barrels: Where the Best Rum Rests
18 October, 2021:

Is a well-rested rum really worth the years of aging it takes to make? This […]

Diplomático RumCraftmanship
What is the World’s Best Cocoa? Couple it with Rum this Chocolate Day
9 September, 2021:

From cacao to cocoa, we’ve listed all of the top varieties to be paired with […]

Diplomático RumCraftmanship
Rum vs Whiskey: Aged Spirits Go Head To Head
26 March, 2021:

Every social gathering has a place set for rum, and a place set for whiskey. […]

Diplomático RumCraftmanship
Tasting and Pairing Cigars with Premium Rum
26 February, 2021:

Life’s smallest pleasures are better when paired up! And the same goes for premium rums […]

International Art Day: The Art of Rum Making
25 October, 2020:

A pipe, an idea in a glass, an unmistakable label. It was 1914 and Pablo […]

Diplomático RumCraftmanship
Our Maestro Ronero: Nelson Hernandez
27 July, 2020:

“As a master rum maker, passion is the most important thing”   Every drop of […]