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Army and Navy


The Army & Navy game is one of the first rivalries in college football tradition played for the first time in 1890 in the U.S. It’s said this cocktail recipe was born to celebrate the last game these players will play before leaving to serve their country.


Originally served with gin, we suggest trying this amazing twist with Planas. Spirit, citrus and sugar is a tried and tested recipe. Planas has profiles of cream, vanilla and complex nutty notes, so swapping out gin for our white rum makes for a fresh and complex twist.


Check the Army & Navy Cocktail recipe here.


45 ml Planas
15 ml Lemon juice
10 ml Orgeat syrup
3 Dashes of Liquorice bitters


Coup / Martini


Serve straight up


Add all ingredients to boston add ice , shake until frosted and then double strain into chilled glass.


No garnish

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