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Sazerac Twist

Reserva Exclusiva

The Sazerac is a local New Orleans variation of a Cognac or whiskey cocktail, which takes its name from the “Sazerac de Forge & Sons”, a Cognac brandy brand that served as its original main ingredient. We see bartenders making beautiful combinations on Rye Whisky and Cognac in which to make their ultimate Sazerac.

Take it a step further giving this late-night sipper a heathy measure of Reserva Exclusiva and then a splash of Cognac. With notes of coffee, smoke and chocolate this is a real contender for the throne.


Check the Sazerac Twist Cocktail recipe here.


45 ml Reserva Exclusiva
20 ml Lapsang tea infused Cognac
5 ml Sugar syrup
3 Dashes of bitters
Rinse the glass with coffee infused absinthe




Serve straight up



Add all ingredients to a stirring glass, fill with ice, stir and strain.


Burnt lemon

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