Mary Pickford



When the famous Canadian-American actress Mary Pickford took a trip to Havana in the 1920’s with some fellow celebrities she apparently made quite an impression on the bar staff at the emblematic Hotel Nacional.


So much so that the cantineros are said to have named a cocktail after her. The original was prepared with white rum.


Not only do the tropical notes of Mantuano pair well in this classic but the body and spices of the rum make the Mary Pickford a fantastic choice.


50 ml Mantuano
40 ml Pineapple juice
5 ml Grenadine
6 Dashes of Maraschino cherry liqueur
6 Dashes of Dry Vermouth




Serve straight up


Add all ingredients to a Boston type shaker and add ice , shake until frosted and then double strain into chilled glass.


Pineapple leaf

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