Planas Martini Cocktail recipe

Planas Martini



The Martini came on to the scene in the 1860s, although its exact origins are still unclear. In 1863, an Italian vermouth maker began using the brand name Martini for its product, after its director Alessandro Martini. That same brand name may be the source of the famous cocktail’s name.


Another version is that it was an evolution of the earlier, sweeter, Fancy Gin cocktail. Originally made with gin and vermouth, it presents an intriguing concoction when prepared with Planas.


Check the Planas Martini Cocktail recipe here.


50 ml Diplomático Planas
10 ml White Vermouth
2,5 ml Palo Cortado sherry




Serve straight up


Combine all the ingredients in a mixing glass, add ice and refresh using a spoon. Filter and serve.


An olive.

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