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Diplomático Mantuano is an authentic blend of rums aged for up to eight years. Versatile, Mantuano is ideal for mixing in cocktails while also maintaining its complexity for those who prefer to drink it neat. Opening up with aromas of dried plums, oak and a delicate spiciness, it is complex and well-balanced on the palate, following on with notes of dried fruits, wood and vanilla.


Ideal rum for flavorful cocktails such as Mary Pickford and Negroni. It can also be enjoyed neat.

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Delight of Discovery

This cocktail ranked second by representing Australia during the 2017 Diplomático World Tournament edition.   Crea...

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Mary Pickford

  When the famous Canadian-American actress Mary Pickford took a trip to Havana in the 1920’s with some fellow ce...

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Negroni Twist

When the flamboyant count Camillo Negroni asked the bartender to strengthen his usual Americano cocktail, it was duly fo...

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