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As part of Diplomático’s philosophy, respect and protection of the environment has always been one of our main goals. From the beginning, DUSA, established a system to manage its sub-products, to recycle its waste and to optimize its resources.

We all feel proud to call Diplomático the heart of rum. But we are even prouder to call ourselves a rum with heart too. We run our business with a strong set of family values, which means everything we make and create, is influenced by our duty of responsibility and care. This is the philosophy and foundation of our Distilled Consciously program.

Our pillars

At Diplomático, we are conscious of the impact caused by the rum-making process and how it effects our natural and human resources, which is why we must take responsibility for our actions wherever we can throughout our value chain. There are three key pillars within our business that can bring about meaningful change.

Streamlining our processes

We are committed to making our rum-making processes cleaner and more efficient – to wasting less, saving more energy and reducing emissions as much as we can.

Protecting our environment

We are committed to protecting and preserving our land, our environment and the natural habitats in and around our distillery, above and below water, and beyond.

Caring for our people

We are committed to greater education, empowerment and equality. To increasing the health and happiness of our staff and helping our local communities.

Food waste

Our ambition is to go one step further in our sustainability commitment and generate a positive impact by involving consumers with an important cause that is close to their hearts. For this reason, we are committed to fight against food waste. Food holds great power in terms of social impact, food is sharing, love, culture and self-giving. Yet about a third of all food produced for human consumption is lost. With our partners around the world, we want to encourage consumer to join us in this initiative and create awareness on this issue by partnering with NGO ́s and other key actors, to get bigger results in our fight against food waste.
In the last couple of years, the distillery was able to reduce its water consumption for production by half.