As part of Diplomático’s philosophy, respect and protection of the environment has always been one of our main goals. From the beginning, DUSA, established a system to manage its sub-products, to recycle its waste and to optimize its resources.

Diplomático upholds the family values it represents and defies corporate greed for a more sustainable rum production and consumption process. Thus, providing guilt-free moments of pleasure. This is why we called our platform “Distilled Consciously”.

We want to share with our consumers, all the years of Diplomático’s experience in terms of sustainability. We want to cross all borders to make it possible for our community to be part of our sustainable project together, in areas like waste management, recycling and upcycling.

Waste management

Sugarcane is processed to produce molasses. The latter are further processed by fermentation to alcohol. After the removal of the desired product (alcohol) the remaining material is called vinasse (waste). All of the Vinasse is processed through a treatment plant and repurposed as:

Sugar Cane fertilizer

The liquid from the process , is then used as fertilizer for over 1,000 Ha of sugar cane crops.

Buffalo animal feed

The thicker Vinasse is used to increase the nutritional value of animal feed for 2,000 buffalos at Botucal Farm.
This translates into the recycling reuse principle for 100% of its effluents with a high organic load. Also, the Distillery has developed the capacity to recycle 100% of its solid waste. The distillery recycles approximately 279 tons of solid waste per year.

Supporting local communities

We are constantly supporting our people and their families, by involving them in the different activities for they wellbeing: health care, cultural and sports activities and environment protection.

In the last couple of years, the distillery was able to reduce its water consumption for production by half.