Top 5 Winter Rum Cocktails

18 January, 2021

Are you looking for some winter rum drinks to warm up the most freezing season of the year? We got you covered! Our Diplomático Brand Ambassadors have put to work their expertise and creativity to elaborate 5 delicious winter cocktails with Diplomático rums. Keep reading!


  • hot-cocoa-winter-rum-drinkDiplomático Reserva Exclusiva Hot Cocoa. Created by Irene Díaz, Diplomático brand ambassador for LATAM, this drink has all the ingredients to become your favorite winter rum cocktail:


30 ml Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva

1 cup hot almond milk

1 spoon cocoa powder (> 70% cocoa)

1 pinch ground ginger

1 pinch ground cinnamon

1 pinch ground turmeric

Grated orange peel


Mix all the ingredients, shake and serve in glass coffee cup. Garnish with whipped cream and cacao nibs.


  • Diplomático Mantuano Carrot Touch. Francesco Serra, Diplomático Brand Ambassador for Italy, has created this unique mix where the orange color is the protagonist:

mantuano-rum-carrot-cake30 ml Diplomático Mantuano

60 ml Carrot juice

20 ml Honey syrup

10 ml Lemon juice


Mix all ingredients in a highball glass, garnish with rosemary and accompany with a piece of carrot cake.




  • Diplomático Planas Dasher’s Chapter. This sophisticated yet easy to make cocktail is a perfect warm rum drink option for after lunch. Created by our Diplomático Brand Ambassador for Greece, Tina Sardis:

20 ml Diplomático Planasdiplomatico-planas-winter-rum-sesame

100 ml Dry white wine

15 ml Fresh orange juice (no pulp)

25 ml Orgeat syrup

2 twists ground pepper


Add all ingredients into a saucepan on medium-high heat and stir frequently until it begins to simmer. Remove from heat and strain into a wine glass. Garnish with sesame seeds and fresh ground pepper.


  • Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Winter Dream. Javier Vicuña, Diplomático Brand Ambassador for Spain, knows by heart how to make the coziest evening during winter. Take notes:

coach-blanket-winter-rum-drink30 ml Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva

80 ml Red wine

6 Star Anise

6 Cinnamon sticks





Mix all ingredients in a coffee mug.


  • Diplomático Planas Chai Tea. The spicy notes of the chai tea and the tropical coconut touch will make you fall in love with this Planas cocktail immediately! Created by Jon Lister, Diplomático Brand Ambassador for the UK.

40 ml Diplomático Planasdiplomatico-planas-chai-tea

60 ml Chai Tea

15 ml Coconut syrup

10 ml Lemon juice


Simple add all ingredients together and pour over a cup glass with cubed ice. If batching for a punch use the following measures to make a standard 700ml bottle. Planas 224ml, Chai Tea 336ml, coconut syrup 84ml and lemon juice 56ml. Place in fridge , then when you wish to use, serve over ice in a punch bowl and garnish.


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